Church Peace began as a campaign to highlight the potential disaster of St. Paul’s Cathedral actively pursuing a court action and forceful eviction of the Occupy LSX camp that had formed in the Cathedral’s grounds.

Currently Church Peace seeks to produce articles which may further the discussion and debate on the right to protest, the concerns of those who protest and/or dissent from the mainstream view, and bring to the conversation a generally Christian perspective. The overall hope is that those in protest movements and those in Christian communities may gain mutual understanding and respect for each other, enabling further links to be made.

Church Peace is intended to be a loose affiliation of Christians from whatever denomination and welcomes membership from all and any who have an interest in these matters.

Please also see Church Peace Rationale.

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  1. Con Carroll says:

    we are in solidarity with people who are political social economic alienated. this is what the Gospels are about, those that tell us that the Bible and politics don’t mix, I want to know what bBible they are reading. Desmond Tutu

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