Church Peace Rationale

Church Peace is still seeking input as to its rationale and purpose, methods and policy.  If you would like to input into this, then please do post your comments on this page.
(Please note that once considered and incorporated into this page, comments may be deleted to keep a clear view of this page and any additional comments.)

Church Peace Rationale

Church Peace is intended to be a loose affiliation of people, groups and interested parties that desire to see the Church (the whole Body of Christ) be actively involved in connecting with those who are politically engaged through protest, demonstrations, direct action and activism.

We do not necessarily endorse or oppose the actions of the protesting groups that we seek to engage with but leave such decisions to the conscience and discretion of individuals.  Our purpose is to build bridges between a Church that many see as out-of-touch and “holier-than-thou”, and a community of those that are often disparaged and rejected by middle-class society and the authorities.

We are an organic organisation which accepts all and any as members.  We keep no record of formal membership, although we hope to build up a list of those interested in our work in order to provide information and newsletters.

We have the following aims, all intended to increase understanding and dialogue between the Church and the dissenting community:

  • We aim to provide Christians in the Church with knowledge and understanding of the reasons for protest movements, dissent and marginal political activity.
  • We aim to show love to those who protest, demonstrate or engage in activism, without judging their values or methods, whilst also giving opportunity for us to share our own reasons for hope in the Christian faith and in Jesus Christ.
  • We aim to provide a reasoned debate on solutions to those situations where the Church (or other institutions) and activist groups are finding themselves in conflict.  In such situations we aim to bring peace and challenging questions rather than a taking of sides.
  • We aim to help with the co-ordination and information spread regarding Christian and Church involvement in protest, demonstration and activist activity.

We are non-denominational and we do not make an explicit statement of faith.  Because we are a loose affiliation we may have a wide variety of doctrinal beliefs, although we would call ourselves Christian and would adhere to the foundational doctrines of traditional Christian teaching.  We are neither conservative nor liberal, neither evangelical nor orthodox, but rather include all.

(See also our About page.)

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